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Track Time at PIR

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I have the opportunity to get some laps in at Portland International Raceway in my 05 6 speed SSR. All very controlled conditions and a bunch of solo laps. I thinking to do it. Any thoughts out there in Fanatic land?
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Just be careful about:

- Making sure you have correct tire pressure in the tires

- Remembering you have a HIGH center of gravity compared to sprots cars

- The brakes on an SSR cannot handle track use for any length of time

- You may need to replace tires and brake linings soon after the session! (No kidding)

- Your vehicle is normally not insured while on a race track. Check with your agent.

- If you somehow end up needing fuel, and someone fills you with race gas, remember it has a vERY short life before becoming very troublesome to your fuel system (I am told it is very unstable compared to street gasoline). Get it through and out. Don't store the SSR with race fuel in it.

Would I do it? In a heartbeat, PROVIDED I was the only one on the track during my assgined laps. If I hit someone, or someone hits me, uninsured, the results are not good for anyone.

Jim G
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hdflstf: The club insurance is to protect the club against liability suits in cases where they have made an error that resulted in injury or death, NOT to cover damage to racer's vehicles!

Also, The release from you sign before being let onto the track will clearly state that you are doing this ar your own risk.

Jim G
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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