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The fronts may fit, but the rear offsets are significantly different. Might work if you add a spacer. You'll lose the staggered hot rod look with smaller front wheels.

Do you have a photo of the wheel?


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SA13355 said:
The way GM goes, one more than likely won't be able to purchase a Trailblazer with the optional wheels on it, let alone purchase the wheels outright. If you know what I mean!
NO I don't know what you mean? Would you mind explaining that one to me... :skep

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Marc NY

I was just thinking about when I ordered my Corvette with Factory Optional Wheels ......they put my order on hold, indefinitely. After waiting for what seemed like forever we cancelled and reordered without optional wheels.The subcontractor couldn't meet demand. I did get wheels ( take offs ) later.

With poor profits and cut backs in the company right now I'd expect more of the same. That's all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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