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So I told the old lady lets take the bikes down to the beach. My window sticker says trailer hitch and wiring harness...where? Theres is a plastic cap with a hole. I guess thats where the reciever gos. Didnt get a hitch, my question is did anynoe get one and did it come with the truck? No response from the dealer except to fax them my window sticker..I did ,no reply. I waited a long time to get the truck, momth by month they said it would come..finally it came. 2003 Dec. I didn't check for a hitch on delivery. Art

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hitch was in cargo area when truck delivered and was listed on sticker...don't know where else your's could be hiding but know others have had problems with some things not being in their vehicle that should "spare tire" box behind driver's seat, cup holders, etc.


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Hitch is due to you if you ordered the towing package. The wiring harness consit of bare wires ready for you (or someone) to install a harness. There are directions in the manual as to what color wire goes where.

Good Luck

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When an SSR is delivered to the dealer, some things like the trailer hitch or side saddle storage, are not installed by the factory. The window sticker indicates they are "dealer installed". The parts are not shipped with the vehicle. They are shipped separately to the parts department. It is the responsibility of the dealership, primarily the salesperson to ensure that all dealer installed options are on the vehicle when delivered to the customer.

Unfortunately, some salespersons do not check. SSR's are not the only vehicle shipped like this. Colorado's do this also.

If your window sticker says you bought one, the dealership owes you one. They have one that was shipped to them for that vin. If they deny you the hitch, they are not being honest and you should do whatever you need to, in order to right the wrong.

Most of the time, it is an honest mistake (that wouldn't happen if time was taken to go over the sticker with you). If you present this to them, they should promptly give you your hitch with their apologies.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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