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Sadly, The SSR comes equiped with a 4 wire system for trailer wiring, which consists of a ground, tail light, left directional/brake, right directional/brake provision.

I have a small teardrop camper which has a 12 volt on-board battery, (to power lights in the camper, etc.) The camper has a 7 wire plug which features the same 4 connections as the 4 wire system, plus an auxillary power (which I need to supply power to) electric brakes (which is unused since the camper is not equiped) and back up lights(which is unused since the camper is not equiped).

I understand wiring well enough to know that I need to install an auxillary relay (to supply power to the trailer battery) which would be switched on and off by the SSR main ign switch via one of the SSR fuse boxes.

Once a 30 amp relay is installed it is a piece of cake to wire the 7 prong trailer connector up, and power the auxillary power lead of the plug.

The main fuse box under the hood shows an "Auxillary fuse 2". Simple enough to utilize power from that fuse to power a relay, provided one could figure out what the color code of the wire is that is attached to that fuse, and coming out of the fuse box some where.

Does anybody have any idea what that particular wire color code is?
Or any switched power source that could handle the additional low power draw of a relay? And where that would be located, and what the color coding would be of that wire?

I really do not want to remove the entire fuse box, merely to get at the back of the fuse box to see what color the wire is that runs to "Auxillary fuse 2".

Can anybody help?
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