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I have tried several things as a trash can(props to those that don't create trash when they travel) and finally found something that works for us.
It probably came from O'Rileys, hmm maybe Wal-Mart, but we have used it on a few long trips now and find it very serviceable.
It is spring loaded and has tabs so you can fold it and make it flat. I just squeeze it together and stick it between the seat and console. Let it pop open and the dash knobs hold it in place. With the automatic, push it down and slide it forward and it stays under the dash. At a gas or bathroom stop, empty and repeat the process as needed.
Some other things I have done is converted the ash tray to storage.
Modified some cup holders, the kind that hand on the door. Cut the hanger off and notch the bottom so they slide into the existing cup holder mounts. I have large one on the passenger side and the small one on the driver's side. I cut the one on the drivers side to make it more flexible. Now you can put a drink can with a koozie on it in the drink holder and jumbo on the passenger side.
Built storage in the space my spare tire kit should have been. That black case holds one of those compact jump start battery packs.
And since I have roadside assistance, if I choose to sit it out and wait for help, I didn't go with tools in the space under the bed cover, Hmm... I went another way.


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