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Trying to put the Side Saddle boxes in....

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Ok. I bought a set of side saddle boxes that were 'take-outs' of a new SSR.
I didn't have instuctions for installation, but it is not too complicated.
However, I think it was a take out from an '05 but want to know if anyone has found this issue....
The bottom rail slides in fine and the 3 point attachment is not a problem but the rail on the side of the box that the single small metal piece goes into seems to be bigger (wider) than the slot in the rail.
Anyone else encounter this?
Is the box side rail of an 05 slightly wider than an 04?
Do I just grind down the little piece of metal that the wingnut/bolt goes into so it fits into the rail?
The piece I am trying to slide in is rectangular not square. The narrowest part of this is still wider than the side rail.

Am I making sense?

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The fix is in.

I had mine in and out once. The problem I had was all the sharp edges and corners on the slide nuts. They grab on the aluminum and prevent them from entering or sliding easily.

So go get a mill smooth file and round all the edges and corners smooth. Or use emory cloth. Or both. :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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