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stutide said:
Bought an 05 Smokin Asphalt a few months ago. Dream come true! Couldn't be more pleased. 2 questions:

1) Why is the bottom falling out of 04 prices? My sticker was 49k and I got it for 47k so eventhough I completely love my ssr, a little worried about the same thing happening to the 05s?

2) A few weeks ago, I noticed on e bay a rear brushed aluminum license plate cover. It covered up the back up lights to make them look like the circular tail lights. I remembered it was fairly expensive ($160?) but made the back end look pretty cool. Almost like it matched the front grill. It was pictured on a white customed painted ssr. Has anyone bought one of these or have any comments about them. Do you know who sells them? Can't find them anywhere now[/B].. Thanks alot![/FONT][/SIZE]
I have a 05 Silver 6-speed. Paid a lot for it. Wish I didn't, but I did. My goal was to make sure I got exactly what I wanted... and I did.

The prices don't matter unless you plan to sell. I don't! If you plan to sell, you have something to be concerned with (not that you can do anything about it), but if you don't plan to sell... just enjoy!!!!
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