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First Thanks - Cruzned

Because of your Link I sent the fllowing email and recieved this:

When I checked with corporate the SSR kit was on the list to be produced for the website. Because there had not been any inquiries previously there had been no hurry in getting it on our site. Because both of you have requested the SSR kit, I was told by corporate that they will put the SSR kit together next week. As soon as it becomes available I will get the specific and pass them on to you. IF there is anything else I can help you with please send an email and I will respond as soon as possible.


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I believe that you get what you pay for and the protection may well be worth it in this case. Just wish I had gotten it before I went to Pittsburgh this winter and got all those rock chips. I may consider it after I fix the paint chips from that trip.:agree

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Here is another company that already has the pre cut kits for the SSR I was quoted the following from a local approved Installer.
Hood, Fenders, Mirrors-----$520 installed
Grille and Bumper-----------$420 installed
Head Lights------------------$100 installed
Door Edge--------------------$ 29 installed
Here is another link that should take you right to the SSR page you can order the priced kits and do yourself if you want.

A good installer should be able to install the x-pel paint shield on most cars in one hour. check to see what the company rates the difficulty for the auto you are installing it on. the SSR is difficulty is a *****. I have one to put on mine and I did install one on my honda civic hybird and it was a ***** star. if it is not done right it looks like crap. I went to a three day school to learn how to do it. all installs are rated from two stars to five *****. It does work and looks great if you intend to drive your SSR it will shield the front , they also make head lights protection which is only a two star difficultyand anyone can install them. I just finished a 8000 mile trip into mexico in my honda and was hit a number of times by rocks from large trucks and car on the bad roads. no damage until I was comeing back in Waco tx and a car in front of me threw up a metal post that went through my right front door also hit the front of my car ripped a portion of the paint protecter so I must replace, covered under my insur comp as the part was flying thru the air.:jester
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