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UltraViolet/Laser Blue touch-up paint??

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We got several rock chips on the HRPT, so my husband went to the dealership yesterday to buy some touch-up paint. They looked it up by his VIN#, and sold him Laser Blue paint.

Someone quite knowledgable about paint had already warned us the paint for the UltraViolet was actually called Laser Blue, but when painted on a piece of white paper this paint looks more like the Corvette's Electron Blue than UltraViolet - it doesn't seem to be purple at all. :confused

Has anyone actually painted something on their UltraViolet with Laser Blue, and did it match??

Thanks! :)
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Checked my paint - wrong color

Due to this thread I decided to check my paint that I picked up last Saturday for my redline red and the paint I have is SILVER! :eek Talk about a big difference - that isn't even close. I've called the dealer and they are ordering me some more today. They saw where the mistake was - an error reading the paint chart.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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