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While repairing the lid to the red box that houses the positive charging cable, I also moved the coolant tank hose.

The red box cover is a common breaking problem and there are a couple of threads about ways to repair it. I use that spot to trickle charge the "R" and had not had a problem until I bumped it sideways, and off it came.

My main problem had been that the coolant tank hose is perfectly in the way of the red lid or door. When opening it, the hose had to be lifted or pushed down. When the door broke off I got motivated to get the hose out of the way. As you can see I used some zip ties to clip it behind the box. There is still plenty of loose play in the wire bundle it is attached to. The coolant hose is on top of the tank now but it doesn't touch anything. I put a piece of foil tape on it sticky side up, closed and opened the hood and it was still there. I wish I had done this long ago.

My trickle charger has alligator clips, if it had an ac adapter plug I would sue the one in the bed. But the power is better located and surely I won't drive off with the hood up.:wink2:

Oh, I just used Gorilla tape to hold the door back on. I think it will work for me.


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