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Looks like such a great time! 馃挋馃槑
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Thanks Jeff for taking and posting the pics. Thanks to all those that participated. We had a great time visiting with good friends and making some new ones.

I wasn鈥檛 personally able to count all the Rs, as there was always some tucked around the corner or just over the rise, but we supposedly had 31 for the drive.
Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Sky Wheel

After the run a few of us stopped at Stonehenge on Saturday afternoon鈥
Tire Wheel Sky Car Cloud

Car Wheel Tire Sky Cloud
Jeans Head Sky Trousers Goggles

On the drive home we drove through Luckenbach where everybody is somebody and I got lucky.
Plant Wood Electricity Wall Grass

I didn鈥檛 get many pictures as I was too busy. I enjoy seeing the pictures. Hopefully others will continue post them.

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Dwight does the video work now? 馃憤馃嚭馃嚫馃
Yes it is working now. Thanks for your attention to this. I hope it was not too difficult.
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Just another Well Deserved " Thank You ! " to Kim ( Parnelli ) and Robert ( TXNSSR ) for a Great Job in putting this Trip together. Getting to see everyone, enjoying Beautiful Weather both days, Awesome Scenery and Fun Roads to drive on. No Blowouts, No Deer collisions, this was an awesome weekend. Glad everyone had an enjoyable and safe time. Looking forward to the next Group get together.
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