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hi everyone. I've got about 800 miles on my burple one and couldn't be more pleased. My biggest fear (as is I suppose everyones) is having problems with the top. The way I look at it, the SSR is all Chevy, and the engine, trans., brakes, frame, etc. is all proven technology for Chevy, but the top "breaks new ground". I hope that Chevy, or whoever builds the top, looked over Mercedes engineering on their retracs! My overall impression is that the SSR is designed first, to be cool, and practicality is further down on the list (i.e. no spare tire) but hey, mine is not an every day driver and I don't plan on taking really long trips in it. Everyone loves these things, I hope I don't prematurely wear out the top showing how it works.
I am interested in chrome wheels. I see that now it is an option from the factory, $1,500. I found a couple places I can send the wheels to and get plated for about $750. but don't want to have the vehicle laid up for 3 weeks. The outfits that try to have an exchange program seem to be out of silver wheels to plate. The local dealer said the dealer parts price for the 4 chromes is $2,200 and they said they could sell to me for $1,662, which I am thinking of biting the bullet and getting them, but I sure don't need an extra set of silver wheels. Any comments?

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The top is tested for 8000 cycles, as with anything there will be glitches. Luck of the Draw I guess you can say.
Here's an idea maybe if you buy the chrome wheels then you can rent the other set to other SSR people for the 3 weeks they will need to have theirs down for Plating process, Just a thought. :)
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