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shiftz33 said:

I was only taking it in to have the wheels get a regular type of wheel balancing. It was only when they couldn't balance one of the wheels with the regular method, I decided to pay the extra money to get the wheels road force balanced. A friend of mine had problems with wheel on her car and took it to this same place to have it road force balanced. That's how I knew this shop had the right equipment to perform road force balancing.

In the end it cost me $120 to get everything balanced and then road force balanced. But I figured it was worth it to get past this issue once and for all. I also have a "lifetime" wheel balance agreement from this shop so they'll rebalance the wheels as long as I own them.
MIne had to be force balanced by the dealer also. He said that this was a very common problem. Once done they were totally fine.
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