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Victorville Slingshot - AGAIN

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Coming from Lowes this a.m., about 9:30, look down at the mall parking lot and there sits a Slingshot :ssr . Didn't have to try to catch it this time :lol since it was parked. Pulled up next to it, locked up, no driver around...left one of my SSRFanatic business cards in driver side window...Thanks Marc for the card, it does come in handy! :) :)

Think this :ssr must be the one CNC Dude (Brandy) told us about that was sold used through Moss Bros. in Hesperia. It has plates on it but has registration paper in the window.

If you are the us here in the High Desert :seeya
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ECurtis said:
They will either think that I am nuts or be very impressed! Maybe a little of both! :lol

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr
I can see you doing that! :seeya at Irwindale if not before
it's still around

looking out my kitchen window this afternoon and ZOOOOOM...there goes that Slingshot :ssr again, right past my house. Too bad they didn't stop cuz my UV :ssr was sitting right there in the driveway (dirty, waiting for a wash), come out, come out, whoever you are :lol :lol
they almost did...

They almost got in touch with my back end :lol :lol ...backed out of my driveway and looked into rearview and the slingshot was right behind me, turned left at intersection, looked in rearview again to see which way they were going and never did see them...sooooooooo, that tells me the slingshot took a left at the street right before my house so it is obviously a neighbor :) . Was on my way to a school board meeting (board trustee) and did not have time to turn around and chase them are probably right...just too busy cruzn :cool to worry about meeting us :cool SSRFANATICS!!!!!!!

ddprice1 said:
Silver Lakes, Hooterville --- boy does that bring back memories. When I was stationed at George AFB, Silver Lakes had just started and we used that as the initial entry point to George when coming back from training in our Phantoms. Used to play golf out there too, nice course. Left Appleville in '92 when my company was sold to another company here in Tucson. If you run into my ex-wife, be sure to put it in reverse and back up to make sure.


Dorsey :)
My son prefers "Hickterville" :lol You should see SilverLakes now! It is going crazy with all the new builds, median house price about 450K and looking into adding a 9 hole pitch/putt and another 9 hole regulation to add to the 27 already there. Plans are to finally pave Helendale Road that runs from the backside of George to Silver Lakes...some private developer is doing this at a cost of 6 mil

Send me a pic of the wife and will track her down for ya :lol :lol
crazyrtr53 said:
Hey Shurlock Randi
Have you found your slippery slingshots yet, they are teasing you now they have doubled. You need to get your sidekick Watson Eric to corral these slingshots before they get out of hand :glol :glol :glol
Nope...I think one lives around the corner from me as it goes past my house about everyday around 4:30 heading toward it must work somewhere that way. The others remain elusive and since my dear Watson (Eric) doesn't believe there are so many slingshots in the area he won't look...its my imagination, you see :lol
Matter of fact...haven't seen those Smokin' Asphalts lately... :nono That's because my eyes are full of Slingshots topped off with one Ultra Violet :thumbs
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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