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Can someone ( a dealer rep. maybe) clarify the VIN situation for us...

When GM says they will produce like 2500 of the 2003's and then 3500 for 2004 etc. (please fix my numbers if you know). Should'nt the VIN numbers for 2003's then only go up to 2500? Are we close.

What I am tryin to wrap my brain around is that my dealer said I would probably get a 2004 in January. Now this old man I am working with does not know the 1st thing about these beuties so I need to get me real info. from you guys.

Please advise. ;-}

PS: Attached is (in my opinion the best looking SSR I have ever seen, it is from the SEMA show)


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:D With the factory closing down in a few weeks for the anual holiday slow down, I would think your dealer is correct. Mine had an original build date changed from an 03 to an 04 and delivery changed from Oct., to Nov., then Dec., and finally, Feb. or March of 04. I bought mine from another dealer off the show room floor and bailed on the earlier option.

I agree with the Victory Lane Editon being sharp. I plan on doing a little laughing skull with a mohawk whose hair turns into tribal tattoo like flames and then into thick to thin pin lines. It will be in reds, just like the victory lane edition truck. I love the way the thick to thin line accentuates the speed of the truck. I just need to find the time to do the job now! My plate is pretty full right through the holidays and I will prob. have to wait until spring to do the job.
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