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Hey guys. New here just got my 2003 SSR about two months ago. Took me 15 years but it's mine now. Been looking around and doing research. Looking to and a few things to it. I just put a rear deck spoiler on it and it looks great. My question though is can you find out by the VIN number what number it was made?
Do as Doophus suggests - visit the Umpire 13 Build Sheet Request thread (now done by MarcNY) and ask Marc to run a build sheet
I am just guessing, but thinking from your username you might have SSR #1355 (1GCES14P33B101355)
If this is correct, I expect your build date was 11.10.2003, possibly a day or two +/-

The SSR, unlike vehicles like the Corvette, started at VIN 1 and ended at VIN 24112 over the 4 year build period
Every year, the Corvette (and all other vehicles) start with a VIN 1
With the SSR, there is only 1 VIN 1 - and that is held at GM Heritage, along with several other SSR's including The Last SSR, #24112

If you are #1355, you are #1355 of 24112 SSR's built, probably 11.10.2003, but a build sheet will confirm the build date
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