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The Auburn 2003 auction is the 33rd edition of the "World's Largest Collector Car Auction and Show." For 33 years, buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts from around the globe have congregated in Auburn to celebrate automotive heritage on Labor Day weekend. Each year, the Auburn auction, in conjunction with the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival, promotes car collecting, sets records, provides entertainment, and sells more collector cars than any other auction in the world!

Signature Series SSR #3 (VIN 1GCES64P03B000003) is the Chevy Racing SSR. During the spring and summer of 2003, this SSR served as an evaluation vehicle to people associated with Chevrolet racing teams. It is the only one of the 25 Signature Series SSR roadsters utilized for this purpose. Many of the race team members who have the opportunity to drive and evaluate this SSR wrote comments in and signed the Driver's Logbook that accompanies the vehicle. Among the people from Chevrolet-affiliated race teams who drove this SSR are: Robby Buhl, Richard Childress, Kelly Collins, Ron Fellows, Oliver Gavin, J.D. Gibbs, Sarah Fisher, Ron Hemelgarn, Rick Hendrick, Sam Hornish, Jr., Johnny O'Connell, Andy Pilgrim, and others! In addition to the Driver's Logbook, mementos that are part of SSR #3's pedigree include items such as autographed caps, team posters, die-cast models and photographs.

Signature Series SSR #4 (VIN 1GCES64P03B000004) is the Chevy Indy 500 SSR. In addition to the Driver's Logbook, mementos that are part of SSR #4's pedigree include items such as an Indy 500 Program, Indy 500 Ticket w/lanyard, Indy 500 VIP Party Invitation, SSR/Indy 500 Hat, Newspaper Articles from Autoweek and Indianapolis Star about the Indy 500, Photograph of Indy 500 Pace Car Driver and Peter Max (artist that designed artwork off the SSR and unveiled it at the Indy 500) with this artwork as a backdrop, Peter Max/SSR artwork made into a poster, Official Wheel stand, Indy 500 SSR Pace Vehicle Die Cast, and an Indy 500 Event Banner.

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List of auctions

FOR RELEASE: August 25, 2003


Auction Plans Announced For Chevy SSR 'Signature Series' Vehicles

Kruse International and GM-sponsored Auctions Selected

Detroit -- Chevrolet has announced plans for auctioning 23 uniquely used Chevy Signature Series SSRs (Super Sport Roadsters) which have been driven in its unique launch program for this all-new vehicle.

Kruse International has been selected by Chevrolet to offer 18 of the special "pedigreed" SSRs through eight of its collector car public auctions beginning on August 30, 2003. In addition, Chevrolet will auction one Signature Series SSR through a GM-sponsored dealer auction in each of the division's five U.S. sales regions. Following completion of the program, Chevrolet will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these 23 vehicles to a yet-to-be-designated charitable organization.

The Chevy SSR Signature Series is comprised of the first 25 saleable vehicles produced. Since Spring, each has been developing a one-of-a-kind pedigree that helps chronicle its use up until the time it goes to auction.

The SSR Signature Series vehicles carry vehicle identification numbers (VINs) ending with numerals 000001 through 000025. Auto collectors and enthusiasts often consider vehicles with low numbers to be the most desirable.

VIN #1 will be retained by General Motors as part of its historic collection. VIN #2 was donated by GM to the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Foundation who used the vehicle as a fundraiser for its Heinz C. Prechter Scholarship for Automotive Excellence. When that auction closed on May 5, 2003, the winning bid was $137,850.

Auction Timeline
Here is the auction calendar of events where the Signature Series SSRs will be offered:

August 30, 2003 Auburn, Indiana
Kruse / 33rd Annual Auburn Fall Collector Car Auction & Show

VIN # 3 - Chevy Racing SSR

VIN # 4 - Indy 500 Pace Vehicle
September 20, 2003 Fontana, California
Kruse / Collector Car Auction

VIN # 11 - Doobie Brothers Music Tour SSR
VIN # 13 - Los Lobos Music Tour SSR
September 27, 2003 Indianapolis, Indiana
Kruse / Indy Concour & Auction

VIN # 8 - Street Art SSR - North Central Region

VIN # 15 - Taj Mahal Music Tour SSR
October 11, 2003 Hershey, Pennsylvania
Kruse / Collector Car Auction

VIN # 6 - Street Art SSR - North East Region
VIN # 19 - Media Review SSR
October 18, 2002 Santa Clara, California
Kruse / Annual Pacific Classic Collector Car Auction & Show

VIN # 12 - Gibson Guitar SSR
VIN # 20 - Media Review SSR
October 20, 2003 Orlando, Florida
Manheim's Florida Auto Auction of Orlando

VIN # 21 - Media Review SSR
October 23, 2003 Boston, Massachusetts
Adesa Boston

VIN # 25 - Media Review SSR
October 30, 2003 Chicago, Illinois
Manheim's Arena Auto Auction

VIN # 22 - Media Review SSR
November 4, 2003 Dallas, Texas
Manheim's Dallas Auto Auction

VIN # 23 - Media Review SSR
November 19, 2003 Fontana, California
Manheim's Southern California Auto Auction

VIN # 24 - Media Review SSR
November 22, 2003 Dallas, Texas
Kruse / 31st Annual Dallas Collector Car Show & Auction

VIN # 7 - Street Art SSR - South Central Region

VIN # 17 - Chevrolet Rock & Roll Tour SSR
January 3, 2004 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Kruse / 30th Annual Collector Car Auction

VIN # 9 - Street Art SSR - South East Region

VIN #14 - Race Track SSR
January 31, 2004 Scottsdale, Arizona
Kruse / 33rd Annual Collector Car Auction & Show

VIN # 5 - Stars Car SSR

VIN # 10 - Street Art SSR - Western Region

VIN # 16 - Team Chevy SSR

VIN #18 - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino SSR
More information on the auction houses and for specifics on the individual events where the SSR Signature Series vehicles will be offered can be found at:

Kruse International 1-800-968-4444

Manheim's Florida Auto Auction of Orlando = Kim White 1-800-337-8491

Adesa Boston = Sandy McCandless 508-270-5935

Manheim's Arena Auto Auction = J.D. Daniels 630-679-8357

Manheim's Dallas Auto Auction = Peter Tuts 1-877-860-1651 x.6264

Manheim's Southern California Auto Auction = Fran Owensby 909-854-2222
For more information on the all-new Chevy SSR: 1-800-950-2438


Anyone have $100k I can borrow?

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Going, going, gone....

Two 2003 Chevrolet SSR signature series vehicles also sold over the $100,000 range Saturday.

Bidding on the SSR, which was the backup pace vehicle for the Indianapolis 500, started at $90,000 and quickly shot up to $115,000. At the last minute, the bidding rocked back and forth between two potential buyers before the SSR sold for $132,500 to Bob McDorman, a Chevrolet dealer from central Ohio.

When bidding started on the other SSR, the Chevy Racing Team model, McDorman was ready. The bidding cycled between him and another rival until McDorman was left with the SSR for the price of $127,200.

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A little about the winner

Who is this guy who bought both SSRs?
Articles about him:

McDorman's Chevy Show - Bow-Ties Abound
by Bob Stevens
Cars & Parts staff

Chevrolet dealer Bob McDorman is a major collector with more than 200 vehicles in his stable, and nearly all of them Chevrolets, naturally. At his annual McDorman Chevy Show in Canal Winchester, Ohio, he trots out his finest rolling metal and fiberglass (owns at least one Corvette from each production year) and the impressive display is really something to see. Then, of course, there is the all-Corvette show on Saturday and the general car show on Sunday, plus a Corvette-only auction on Saturday and a all-makes and models sale on Sunday. In addition, a swap meet and a car corral are in operation all weekend.


"Because you've never seen anything like it. Bob has 260 cars in his collection. Over a hundred of them are Corvettes. He is a major player in the hobby. He has one of the biggest shows in the country." Andy hadn't lied to us before, and he knows a thing or two about Corvettes, so we packed the cameras and caught a jet to Ohio to see for ourselves.
Our report would be more of a profile of McDorman and his collection rather than coverage of his annual show. The best time to investigate Bob, we figured, was when he displays his cars for all to see.
"You can't miss Bob," a vendor told us Saturday morning during breakfast at Bob Evans. "He's 70 years old and will be driving a '57 Chevy golf cart." Sure enough, Bob was in a miniature Bel Air with chrome wheels. We caught up with him when he stopped to grab a Bratwurst — at nine in the morning. After the introductions and niceties, Bob revealed his collecting philosophy in easy to understand terms.
"I hate Fords," Bob started. We figured he was tongue in check, but we were wrong. Wearing a tie emblazoned with colorful C4 Corvettes, Bob opened his left hand and pointed at the back of his fingers, one at a time as he spelled. "I was going to have H-A-T E tattooed on these fingers with a Ford emblem right there."
Then Bob opened his right hand and pointed and spelled one letter per finger again, "And on this hand I was going to have L-O-V-E with a Chevy emblem right here. And every time I saw a Ford dealer I was going to throw up that hand and then throw up a Chevrolet hand to him."

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I didn't realize it until 2 minutes after my last post, but this guy also bought VIN #2!

He now owns #2, #3, and #4!
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