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Vista CA slingshot yellow SSR sighting

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I was cruising East on HWY78 today in my yellow SSR and in front of me what do I spot?? Another yellow one. I manuvered through traffic until I caught up. This was the 1st time I have ever been on the HWY behind an SSR.. I admired the agressive stance. It looked as if it was leaning forward ready to pounce. The SSR definately looks better in motion. I was feeling so proud as the two of us zipped down the HWY together.
Just wondering who you are, and if you are going to Irwindale this weekend. Perhaps we can Cruis together.

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It wasn't me


It wasn't me you were following, but I do go down to SD now and again. Father's day I went to Mira Mar for Coffee.

Have fun :ssr 'n

Joe Davis
Corona, CA
My wife called me today and wanted to know what I'm doing on the other side of town from work... What are you talking about I'm sitting at my desk I replied... then she says, Oh wait, I thought I saw your SSR but some old man just got out of it.
Thought you might find that amusing.
Zack Myers
Vista CA
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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