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geunther said:
I have my voms number, can I learn anything from it?
Several members have asked about their order status numbers.
I don't know if this is what they need, but I found it interesting.

My dealer printed a VEHICLE ORDER EVENT HISTORY for my SSR
today. It might help explain the process.
1100 Preliminary order accepted
1101 Preliminary order added
2000 Accepted by GM
2500 Preferenced
3000 Accepted by Production Control
2575 Cancellation request to order at plant
2150 Cancellation request pending
2097 Plant cancel confirmed
0000 Order Request Cancelled
1100 See above
1101 "
2000 "
2500 "
3000 "
3100 Available to Sequence
3300 Scheduled for Production
3400 Broadcast
4V02 Vehicle on Transportation Hold
4000 Available to Ship
4104 Bailment Invoice
4106 Release Bailment
4150 Original Invoice
4B00 Bayed

You can see that my dealer was invoiced. That was 10-27-03.
I had a scare yesterday. the 27th. A co-worker spotted a
transport with a red SSR out in the road unloading. I didn't believe him at first but after a brief moment I sprinted to the road and sure enough there it was! I told the driver that it was mine but he said he had picked this one up and it was going back to
Michigan on a recall. In my excitement I didn't ask for the VIN
or where he got it.
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