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Forgive me for the repost...I didn't know this section was here!

Hi there! I'm still trying to collect info to see if the SSR is right for me...thanks to all who have talked to me!

It MUST be a 2006 to have the chrome package...

I am actively looking for the following 2006, but the following MUST be met:

1) 6 speed
2) 3ss package
3) Bright Chrome Package

I would PREFER but I can always add:

1) Cargo Trim Package
2) Towing Package (drawbar and saddle bags)
3) Floor Mats
4) Cockpit Windbreak
5) Bed Rail Trim
6) Door Sill Plates (either finish)
7) Cargo Mat

As far as paint, I'm undecided since I haven't seen pics of aqua/silver two-tones. I like the yellow...its beautiful...but its generic (sorry, no offense), and I really like either of the blue/silver here's the colors I would seriously consider:

1) Silver over Blue
2) Blue over Silver
3) Slingshot
4) Silver over Aqua
5) Aqua over Silver

I am very surprised at the plethora ("Hey, what's a plethora?" Ha Ha) of 1ss trucks that I find. I haven't found ANY 3ss trucks with the 6spd and chrome on the Chevy site in south Florida. I am willing to go anywhere to get the truck I want. Does anyone have any leads or any knowledge of such a truck? To sum up, it basically has to be:

2006 6spd 3SS Chrome Pkg in any of the blue or aqua two-tones or slingshot! :thumbs

Thanks again everyone!

Jeff "chrome package" I don't mean chrome wheels as they will be replaced once I purchase a truck.

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