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Wanted : ORANGE sidemarker lamps

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Before I order new :

To comply with Belgian regulations I have to replace the red ( rear ) sidemarker lamps by orange ones.

In case somebody wants to swap red against orange or has a set of orange ones in good condition for sale, please contact me.

The red ones I have are in new condition.

Thank you,

Raf Roggen
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Hello Ray,

Thanks for this remark !
You are right and I checked before posting :cool

In fact I already removed the rear ones and on the backside of one of them it's marked " RH FRONT - LH REAR ".
I've never seen red ones mounted in front, maybe orange & red backplates are made in the same molding ?
But to me this confirms you can exchange them.


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It's great to have the truck home now :)

Customs was cleared without difficulties, now it's the inspection ( & mods ) to comply with Belgian regulations ; another 4 - 6 - ? weeks :confused

Hopefully ready before the summer ! :ssr

1 - 3 of 6 Posts