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Just a warning to anybody out there looking for or at a used black 2004 SSR that's forsale in west central Wisconsin.

As a PBE rep for a local autobody jobber, and an SSR owner, a body shop called me to stop by and check out this black one they were having problems with the alignment of the drivers door and roof. The roof, drivers door, and deck lid were out of alignment causing leaks and paint damage.

In August when I returned to my GM dealer he mentioned that he also worked on the same black one. The owner was trying to get the roof/door alignment problems covered under warranty, that never happened. The dealer found alot of broken glass and heavy hammer marks(covered with undercoating) in the top compartment. The dealer checked the records on it and it came up clean.

The bad part of this whole deal is whoever had the accident did not file an accident report with either the police or insurance so there is no record on CarFax. Our guess is that it's either been t-boned or rolled onto the drivers side. Short of the misalignments, the body and paint matched the factory finish excellent.

hope this saves someone headaches and a disappointing SSR experience,

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