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Took mine to the Dealer today for the window seal fix with a heat gun.
They also found in the computer the New Drive Shaft that won't (SHOULD'NT) tink and the repair of the blower motor on the 2nd speed setting from GM. Also there is a sound maybe the instrument cluster or an exhaust leak upon take off they are looking into. And the bed cover don't pop up when you release it, not sure if there was a fix on that one anyone know ? The shop manager is painting his 1969 Camaro Ultra Violet to match the SSR color. No word on the hood struts being replaced on 03-04's from GM yet, Let's keep on them. Mine fell on me while checking the oil level, not fun at all.

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I really want to know about the part # on the new and improved drive shaft. Dealer said they order one for a Black SSR couple of weeks ago and it was the same part # as the one they already replaced on mine once. :nopity
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