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Washing question

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Reading the 'buffer' post had me thinking about what everyone uses to wash their SSR's, especially since I happened to be at the store today for a look see.....

I have never used an auto car wash for fear of tire and wheel damage and during the winter use a manual wash (spray only) and never the hand brush for fear of scratches. Never really gets all the grime off and never really looks washed afterwards. :cuss

I have never used any kind of wash brush (always by hand with a good dose of Zaino afterwards) but water at house is shut off for winter.

Almost bought an electric power sprayer today cause it is way less than gas models and I figured it would be more than enough power (1500PSI). I did buy instead a hand brush and wand power model since $20 was easier than $150.
Don't know if it'll do any good but I'm happy to try it for the twenty dollars.

Any ideas out there people?

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I have wax that I paid more than $100 for a small bottle, Wasn't for my SSR, To tell the truth I just use a damp, The Cloth, Run it over the truck and it looks like you have washed and waxed the thing for hours, No water, No soap, No wax, I do have it waxed sometimes, Been thinking of trying liquid glass on it, Always worked great on my Vette, Never lost a show with it
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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