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Washing question

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Reading the 'buffer' post had me thinking about what everyone uses to wash their SSR's, especially since I happened to be at the store today for a look see.....

I have never used an auto car wash for fear of tire and wheel damage and during the winter use a manual wash (spray only) and never the hand brush for fear of scratches. Never really gets all the grime off and never really looks washed afterwards. :cuss

I have never used any kind of wash brush (always by hand with a good dose of Zaino afterwards) but water at house is shut off for winter.

Almost bought an electric power sprayer today cause it is way less than gas models and I figured it would be more than enough power (1500PSI). I did buy instead a hand brush and wand power model since $20 was easier than $150.
Don't know if it'll do any good but I'm happy to try it for the twenty dollars.

Any ideas out there people?

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Cleaner SSR

Iv'e been using Dri wash'n guard for years now.It's a waterless car wash! It works great. I was looking for a polish that would work on my black"84" Vette without swirling or spider webing and at a car show I saw this stuff. I put it on my hood and voila! swirl marks and webbing gone! Talk about a deep shine, this stuff is ultra crystal. The good news is that when you get it on your rubber seals,weatherstripping or plastic trim, it doesn't blush.In fact it cleans and enhances black trim.I use it on my SSR in the warm garage.I usually wipe it down first with clean water and a terry,then diy it off with a terry just to remove any heavy soil.Works great on clearcoat wheels too.It's only availiable from private distributors.
Every once and a while I'll se a new polish on the shelf at the auto store and try it, but I keep going back to the waterless stuff. Iv'e got quite a colection of car care products on my shelf growing dust.
I'm not a dealer. just a happy SSR owner.If you're as pick as I am, you need to check this stuff out.

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Hey Flassh,

Is it true that drinwash is 88% kerosene? Obviously you don't like the product,but do you think that this stuff could hurt the finish? Iv'e used it for a number of years and peole have always asked me if the paint on my 84 Vette was new.
Iv'e got an open mind if there is something out there better faster shinyer.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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