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When I first got my SSR I did the Zaino thing, started with Dawn wash,ZFX with #2 then gloss enhancer spray. Have since waxed 2 more times with ZFX and #2. Today I washed and dried, did the gloss enhancer and it appears there are water spot marks in the polish. A dab of polish did not help. They aren't noticeable unless you look real close but their there. Should I start from scratch with DAWN, then Zaino or is there another way to get rid of these.

I hand dried the car so its not from the water sitting. Washed, pulled into garage out of sun and dried. I live in a rural area with well water, hard. I run the water off before the water softener because I don't want the water with the salt from the softener.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Don't usually push commercial products, but when a few items work I will pass them on. I bought the Mr. Clean car wash kit, around $18.00, and it does work. My SSR is black and it didn't seem to be leaving water spots. I say, "didn't seemed to", because I finally wiped it dry for fear of spotting. This unit worked so well, I bought one for my mother in Ohio who has well water and it worked great, her car is a dark red.

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The water coming out of the water softener, if working properly, should have a very small amount of salt in it, hardly enough to worry about. The lime, chemicals and whatever else is in your water is going to do as much, if not more, damage to the finish than that small amount of salt. I have a softener also and the water washes off almost spot free.

Does your water taste salty? You should not have salt in your water. The salt brine is only used to flush the charcoal of waste particles and to regenerate its' ability to attract particles. It is then flushed out.
The spots you are seeing are deposits from the water drops that collect at the edge of the drop. They form and dry faster than you think.
You can/will still get this a little bit from softened water too. You would need deionized water to avoid it (such as what the automatic car washes use).
I have used Maguires Body Scrub to remove water rings. Works good, but requires a little elbow grease. You could also try dilluted vinegar.
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