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When I first got my SSR I did the Zaino thing, started with Dawn wash,ZFX with #2 then gloss enhancer spray. Have since waxed 2 more times with ZFX and #2. Today I washed and dried, did the gloss enhancer and it appears there are water spot marks in the polish. A dab of polish did not help. They aren't noticeable unless you look real close but their there. Should I start from scratch with DAWN, then Zaino or is there another way to get rid of these.

I hand dried the car so its not from the water sitting. Washed, pulled into garage out of sun and dried. I live in a rural area with well water, hard. I run the water off before the water softener because I don't want the water with the salt from the softener.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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