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Are you ready for another "Finger Lakes Run" in 2020?
I have been working with WGI, now that the 2020 schedule has been announced.
The schedule has been changed from 2019, with another spectator event added,
(Ferrari Challenge North America) pushing the schedule late into September.
To avoid conflict with other SSR events, The Finger lakes Run is now penciled in for

............................Saturday...September 5, 2020.

We will be on the track for the Noon "Drive the Glen"..... three fast laps.

In 2020, if we have at least 25 vehicles, we can run for $15 per vehicle.

Plans are to visit the Curtiss Museum, run through the back roads of the Fingers Lakes to WGI,
run the track, a surprise for lunch?, visit Corning Museum of Glass and have dinner at a museum.

Let us know how many are interested so I can finalize the details.

Dave & Laurel

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I am interested but that is still a bit farther out than I can commit to. It is on the calendar as a MAYBE.

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I'm with Dwight, it's early to commit to something 100% this far out but is on our calendar and we're looking forward to some track time!!
If you get any hotel info let us know here.

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Three days after I ask to see how much interest there may be in another RUN,
I have 16 responses and you all want to come. 馃憤馃憤
All I can say is WOW.
Eight more and we will make the 25 minimum for the $15 track deal.

I am working on Hotel info now.
I will create an thread once I get things together.


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