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Weatherstrip treatment

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About a week ago I finally got the GM advised weatherstrip treatment. GM# 12371287, Super Lube with PTFE and applied to all weatherstrips. There are a few feet of it. Seemed to increase softness and resiliance, definitely removed the UV damaged "grey." Don't get it on your paint, it's a PIA to get off, and the "grey" from UV damage transfers along with it - looks poor on yellow. They also seem to think it's bad for you, skin, eyes, etc. I didn't have a good alternative to fingertip so I suppose I'm polluted now.

I can't speak to the long term benefits, short term it's helped. But considering the number of feet of stripping and the absolute importance of it's being intact I'm willing to take GM's advice. I've actually given some thought to buying the complete stripping kit and storing it, I'll wait and see what happens with SSR production.
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I had some problems with smears where I hadn't worked it in well enough and had probabaly over-done the application. Windex removed it from the windows with some elbow grease. For anybody who is comtemplating applying, don't over apply and flatly expect to have to clean your paint if you plan to apply to all surfaces that are affected. The biggest 3 killers of weatherstripping that I know of are UV, heat, and movement so even though part of the strip isn't in direct view it's subject to abuse from parts motion and heat.
It just takes some decent car soap and some elbow grease to get it off, masking would probably be way more work. I'm pretty happy with the results. You do have to look for it, if it doesn't smear the grey UV fade it's pretty clear and then doesn't show until dust gets on it. Overall I'd say the process is a nuisnance, but considering the amount and importance of the weather strip, worthwhile.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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