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Weekend Fun

And yes it does sound like fun, however this weekend is the pre-tax scramble, of getting taxes and paperwork together. I may have time to go to Strokers for a greasy burger, but not enough time to jet to Austiin. :ssr

Another time....

Now hoaw about someone take this SSR font in the colors it comes in...

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:) Okay all,
Just to let you know we have a show and shine every weekend at the Home Depot in Cedar Park on Saturdays. Usually we start showing up around 7ish.

Between WataBurger -n- Home Depot on FM1431 in Cedar Park

Everyone is welcome. :seeya

Corvettes, Muscle Cars, Oldies, and Exotics are usually there. Oh yea Rustangs. :boxing
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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