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I helped Jim and Cheryl get registered today but they are not very tech savvy yet. So, I'm posting for them @Smitty . This will help them find where the alerts and conversations are at and go from there.

They have a 05' Aqua Blur, auto with gauges, color matched running boards, chrome wheels and the carpet kit in the bed. A real nice truck! If not sooner, you can meet them at the International in September! So start your Welcomes to the Fanatic Family! 馃榿

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Welcome From Western Pa !!!!!!!!!!

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WELCOME, Jim and Shirley . . . from Southern Arizona.

! :cool: ! (y) ! :cool: ! (y) ! :cool: !

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Welcome Jim & Shirley from Forney Texas !!!

Nick & Kathy

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Welcome from California. Hope to meet you in Cincinnati next year.

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Hellooooo from Cincinnati! Your in good hands with Larry!

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Welcome from Sunny Miami Florida. 馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨馃尨


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Welcome from the other side of the line . INDIANA
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