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Well I got it Home!

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Man do i love this truck. Great ride, decent power but the SPM factor is out of the roof...

For those who don't know SPM = Smiles Per Mile

I just have to woonder where this truck has been all my life... Exactly what I wanted....
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Get ready to have the most SPM then you ever had! It won't stop ... every time you go out you will attract more and more crowds and tons of conversations. :thumbs
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Man oh man It gets better everyday.. Supposed to be in the upper 60's all week and SUN!
Sunny Today

No sure exactly where in Ga you are, but I'm driving my baby to River Forest in Monroe Co for a round of golf today, take her out & let her run :cool
wannabe questions

Since this thread's new 2004 owner loves his SSR so much, I guess I will not ask if they are too heavy to perform, since I would be getting the new 6.0 engine with the 6 speed. David N mentions above he has 2003 and 2004 Ford HD's and I have 2002 (black with the red flames) and 2003 (same black over silver as David has) HD's and am going to sell at least one to get an SSR. This guy is in a great position to e-mail me on [email protected] and give me a bit of a comparison performance-wise between the F150 HD and the SSR, if he would please. Also, one of ya'll has two-toned his silver SSR so that the lower portion is darker silver and that is gorgeous. I am very happy I bumped into you crazies!!! Thnx for all your info. The one guy with the laundry list of problems scared me a bit, though. One more thing.......anyone know if the automatics will get more gears soon? Momma has grown shiftless. thnx!!!
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Well my take on the 6.0 vs the 5.3 is this... I don't mind the HP diffrence, I have a toy that runs in the 9's in the 1/4, top end is well over 190mph and is a blast.

The truck is for me, I love the style and look of this truck. You just don't see many of them and I love it that way.

If you want one to race with and all, that is great, I do not mind sitting back in my truck and watching yall play...

Congrats on the new ride...
We are smiling for you too. Happy cruisin'
When considering an 04 or 05, I think one of the very big differences is that in the 5.3 litre you use regular unleaded gas and the 05 6 litre uses premium. In a 25 gallon tank, that can cost a few more dollars, not that it matters really. They are both sooooo much fun to drive, who cares? :jester
Was it you?

I passed a smokin asphalt SSR on Zebulon Road today, was that you?? I was in my redline red rocket :cheers
Na... I was stuck here at work.... We need to meet up one day..You are only about 80 miles away...Maybe one weekend when it is a little warmer...
congratulations on your new truck :)
I have to wait till i sell my current car to get money to buy my own SSR :( my patience is running out and yeah i love this site :D
Another Happy SSR!!

Congrats!! Glad you are grinnin now!! It's official - You now have a Perma-Grin!! :)
Bring on the pics!!
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