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well... it is a Done deal..

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After few days of going back and fourth with the dealer I signed the deal and picked up my new 04 silver SSR today.... Between two freind and I we bought 3 SSRS from the same dealer This week.. they had all cars since last april so they where happy to move them..

here is a picture..i will post more pics later when i have better lights..

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Thanks everyone... :seeya


yes... that is 03 super-charged ford Harley truck... I plan to re paint the SSR to match... :)


I just moved from "castle hills" as my Ex- got the house but I'm in and out that area which is close to the Colony as my son goes to school at castle hills soo you sould see me on Josey Ln. often.... a Local gathering sounds like fun.. Ronc which just got his SSR and I are EX-prowler owners and meet thru the prowler club so you have 2 of us ready to go...

Marc NY,

I must have miss worded .. my 2 buddies and I bought one each...


I had a good Idea... but for me this is the first time in my life that i have bought a car "right"...i was going to get one back on 03 but ended up going thru a big ,messy Divorce and had to wait till now....
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Jeremy a freind of Cnote ......
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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