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West Herr Chevrolet in Orchard Park (just outside Buffalo), NY had several 04 SSR's (loaded) for $35,000.00. I grabbed a yellow one about 4 weeks ago. They were great to deal with and stood behind every thing they said. I wish we had a dealer like them in my area. I worked with Jason Houseman and he ended up delivering the SSR to my home in NH( about 500 miles away). :thumbs .

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i agree.... in fact, i accidently posted this in the wrong forum:

I have four brand new SSR's availble on my retail lot. A few of your members have already purchased from me. This is what I have left:
2004 SSR, Red, VIN: 1GCES14P64B112101 , MSRP: $46,490.00
2004 SSR, Red, VIN: 1GCES14P44B105518 , MSRP: $46,490.00
2004 SSR, Silver, VIN: 1GCES14P94B104378 , MSRP: $46,490.00
2004 SSR, Violet, VIN: 1GCES14P14B111163 , MSRP: $46,800.00
I am willing to part with these for a non-negotiable $35,000.00. All have under 50 miles on them except the Violet, which has about 140 miles.
I work for a dealership in Western New York and the vehicles can be viewed on my website at My name is Jason Houseman and I can be reached at 716-662-9775 ext. 653 if you have any questions. Two of your members have already purchased from me and should be able to provide you with a recommendation.
Also, I have a 2005 SSR, Smokin Asphalt, VIN: 1GCES14H65B115025. I will not sell the 2005 for $35,000, but will take serious offers into consideration. I have heard that dealers are trying to get more than sticker for them (I would accept a bid at MSRP) in areas where SSR's are more popular. So call me, or email me an offer and I will do my best to get it approved.
Jason Houseman
West Herr Auto Group
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