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I stopped by Brian Koontz's place in Dallas today on the way home from my cross country epic that included adding 58 rear wheel horsepower to my 04 SSR at MTI Racing (see my "spectacular results at MTI" thread).

Brian is a dealer for Wester's Custom PCM Tuning (see the earlier thread on "Wester" on this board).

Brian read my PCM's program into his latop, and then emailed it to Lyndon Wester in Alberta, Canada. Lyndon was on standby to receive it (we had prearranged all this) and twaeked my program to:

1. Improve power even beyond the 331 rear wheel horsepower (this is 400 at the crank with an auto) that Reese measured at MTI a week ago Wednesday after doing the LS6 cam and underdrive pulley install. Lyndon insisted he can do this remote without my SSR on his dyno using only the mods specs I gave him, using his modeling software. Brian talked about Lyndon's experience and track record with me today, and Lyndon brings really impressive credentials to his work. He also does OEM programming for some big names.

2. Improve fuel mileage. Lyndon is proud of the fact that he can generally get notable improvements in fuel mileage while also improving power output.

3. Moderate the torque management (note that I did NOT say "eliminate" the torque management!). Lyndon strikes a sensible balance between GM's ultra-conservative approach and the reckless approach taken by some tuners who don't care about your transmission's life expectancy.

After Lyndon did his tweaking, Brian loaded the modified program into my PCM. The details of this procedure will be covered in more detail in my subscription book "The SSR Experience", but I do want to say here and now that Brian does a VERY careful and professional job of this.

Did it work?

It's premature to say much yet, as I had a strong headwind 200 miles coming home to Austin (The flags were stretched right out horizontal from their flagpoles), the temperature was 100 degrees, the humidity was 93%, and the dew point was 73 degrees!! Together, these weather stats make just about the absolute worst senario anyone can concoct for performance!

I will tell you this much already though, DESPITE the awful weather conditions:

1. Low end power was noticeably improved

2. High end power came on notably stronger at around 5000 rpm to (new) shift point at 6500

3. The performance did not feel nearly as degraded as it normally does in really hot weather

4. There was notable "silky smoothness" to the engine beyond what was there before.

I am waiting for DECENT weather to do instrumented performance testing and methodical fuel mileage testing, but my prediction on early feel is that we will see some interesting results!

Below are some photos:

What the PCM board looks like inside the case

The PCM is located inconveneiently on the SSR (It's under the rubber boot cover that is just below the whote plastic reservoir bottle), so Brian elected to load the program via the underdash diagnostic port instead of directly to the PCM

Under the fuse box cover (ignore the bolts - you just need to unsnap the latches at the front and back of the cover, NOT unscrew the bolts!). Brian had to remove 1 fuse here, and 2 from the fuse box located behind the passenger seat, in the center console.

Here's Brian installing tune using his laptp computer (sitting on top of the laser printer I have in the passenger seat), connetced to the diagnostic port under the dash

and, finally . . .

Brian is the man! A real pro, who is careful when working on YOUR vehicle.

Jim G


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