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The Westers computer programming has been extremely popular so we've put a group purchase together to save you guys/girls some money on this tuning. Our last group purchase helped close to 90 customers!

Westers programming is custom made for YOUR vehicle so it's not a "cookie cutter" type program that you find with most of the handhelds. The tuning covers all of your current mods and can be upgraded at no charge for other changes that you make in the future. Most of the product info is listed below. More details can be found on our website.


30 day free trial, if you don’t like it Westers will either modify it or you can send it back and owe nothing (shipping charges will apply)!

Lifetime warranty (no cost or fees)

Lifetime updates for all future mods ($45 shipping and handling fee)

Lifetime full price paid credit toward your next custom tune for your next vehicle ($45 shipping and handling fee)

No vehicle downtime! You will receive your recalibrated PCM before sending your core back. Want to upgrade this for other mods in the future? No downtime here either! The same thing can be done for this too.


Customers have been seeing about 24-34hp from the 5.3 28-50hp from the 6.0 and 25-55 horsepower from the 8.1 motor. The spread depends on how aggressive the tuning is along with other modifications that are done to the vehicle. Fine tuning for other mods will sometimes make more of a different than just running those with the stock programming.


We are offering 15% off Westers regular retail pricing and also including free shipping to you (contagious 48 states and Canada). Westers has found that many customers have either not returned their cores after doing the swap or they don't send them back right away so the core policy has changed. The core charge is now included in the programming prices. There will be no additional charge if you would like to keep your stock computer. The core charge will be returned by Westers if you would like to return that computer after you install the new tuning. The core amounts that would be refunded to you are -

1996-'02 vehicles - $150.
2003-'04 vehicles - $300.

Westers will also refund you an additional $20. to help cover shipping back to them.

The Group Purchase will be ending on Monday, August 2nd. There will be a 15% discount for 10 or more orders. That pricing will be -

westersSSRGP 2003-'04 SSR Wester's programming $806.99 - includes core charge. This actual price will be $506.99 after your core is returned (regular price is $595.99).

This GP is open to all vehicles that Westers does programming for. Let us know if you need a price for something that isn't listed.


We will need to fax or e-mail a custom programming form to you. This will be done after you place your order for the programming (this makes it easier to keep track of everything). You can place your order online or by calling 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-877-482-9763).

And finally, the other "small print" that goes along with GPs -

IMPORTANT INFO: Most products to fill each GP are ordered at the end of the GP. They usually take 1-2 weeks to ship from here, but some items could take longer based on the size of the group purchase and availability with the manufacturer. Depending on the product and our available stock, some orders will be shipped from here shortly after the GP comes to a close. Remember, you need to place your order if you are interested in taking part in a GP. Be sure to check the status of the GP that you are part of on it's closing date to see if is going through.

MORE IMPORTANT INFO: All credit cards are processed a few days before the GP closes to insure everything will go through without a problem and to lock in the order. Orders canceled after your GP order has been processed will be subject to a 10% processing fee. Orders for products that are non-stock items (not normally kept in stock) can not be canceled so be sure that you would like to be part of the GP before you place your order.

WHEN SHOULD YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER?: We find that alot of people wait for the required number of orders to be placed before they get in on the GP. If everyone does this the GP minimum is never met. If you would definitely like to join one of the group purchases that are listed it will be best to place your order as soon as possible. Your credit card won't be charged until just before the GP comes to a close (as long as there are enough orders) and the minimum will be met much sooner. This will allow you and the other participants to take advantage of the savings.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Order line - 1-877-4-TBYRNE
E-mail - [email protected]

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Sorry, didn't know we're being graded one our posts :)

You should see some of the e-mails that I see come in. I read one yesterday that was 3 lines long with no capital letters or periods.
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