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Mostly I listen to the loud pedal but if I have the radio on it is pre-set to Christian Rock and loud. Favorite is "I'm just a no body, trying to tell everybody, about Jesus." Done by Casting Crowns.

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Classic rock and what I call oldies, from the 60s.(beach boys, jan and dean and others from the american graffiti soundtrack)

Favorite line of a song
Paul Simon sang
".... I'm on my way, I don't know where I'm going but, I'm on my way.
Takin my time but I don't know where!"

But also have to crank up "Low Rider" by War, when it comes up on one of my custom mix CDs

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Classic Rock with an occasional brief interruption of Talk Radio. Turned 70 a few days ago and still Love my Rock N Roll !!! NO COUNTRY FOR ME!

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I think probably of these are on quite a few lists, but I looked and here is what was on my drive home from Branson.

Theory of a Deadman: Bad girlfriend and Rx.
Metallica: Fade to Black and Turn the Page
Shinedown: Simple Man
White Buffalo: The House of the Rising Sun and Come Join the Murder
Battleme: Hey Hey, My My.
Aaron Lewis: Turn the Page
Staind: It'sBeen Awhile and Something to Remind You
GNR: Sweet Child of Mine

And about anything from Sons of Anarchy

Depends on if your cruis"n of winding roads.

Let me know if you agree.


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Ballad of thunder road
Let it roll
Car crazy cutie
Drag city
No particular place to go
Little old lady from Pasadena
Shut down
Pink Cadillac
One piece at a time
Little G.T.O.
Little deuce coupe
Hot rod Lincoln
Mercury Blues
Hot rod race
Lord Mr. Ford
Cadillac ranch
Catch you if you can
East bound and down
Highway Junkie
Nothin’ but the tail lights
Six Days on the road
Uneasy rider
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