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just need your guys opinions. My wife and I have 2003 #00028 with 6200 miles she wants to get a c-6 (got to keep her happy) was wondering what you guys think it's worth??? :confused The SSR is in excellent condition. Thanks for any help!

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Hi Menomonie (me no money, either). I am thinking you are looking to get $37500 for it. Maybe more, but with the prices falling and the supply getting heavier each day I wouldn't be surprized if you could not even get that. I guess you saw an 03 with less than 2000 miles being offered here on this site for $41000. You can bet if he offered it for $41000 that it can be bought for a bit less.

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It's a supply and demand world so pick the bottom price you are willing to let it go for and put it on ebay.

I sold my Honda motorcyle in three days on ebay and it is hassle free. There are lots of SSR's on ebay but you have a very low vin and someone may want it.

You may even get more than you anticipated like i did when people started bidding. Especially the last few minutes which is what people wait for.

Good luck!

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