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What's New For 2006

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:) :) :)
I thought you might want to know what is new for 2006. New option level and some deletions.....

Chevrolet 2006 SSR


* Auxiliary cupholder that attaches to center console (available through GMSPO)
* (B32) Carpeted floormats ((BKF) Customized floormats are now optional)
* (VXK) Color-Keyed Accent Package
* Rear license plate surround (available through GMSPO)
* 4 tie-down rings (available through GMSPO)
* (BCP) Engine cover insert is no longer part of 2SS or 3SS equipment groups (Satin Chrome and all body colors available through GMSPO)
* Shift ball cover for manual transmission (available through GMSPO)

New Features

* (VYJ) Chrome Package (includes all interior and exterior trim parts, finished in Bright Chrome)
* (90U) Pacific Blue exterior color
* (ZY7) Two-tone paint is available in (41U) Smokin' Asphalt/(67L) Ricochet Silver (Metallic)
* (ZY7) Two-tone paint is available in (67U) Ricochet Silver (Metallic)/(41L) Smokin' Asphalt


* 1SA and 1SB equipment groups have changed to 1SS and 2SS
* 3SS equipment group has been added and includes 2SS equipment, plus (ERG) Auxiliary Gauge Package, (BKF) Customized floormats and (BVE) Integrated running boards
* (VXM) Color-Keyed Package is only available with 3SS and no longer requires (ERK) Cargo Compartment Trim. Note: When (VXM) is ordered with (ZY7) Paint, two-tone, the color of the running boards will match the lower color of the vehicle body, and the auxiliary gauge housing will match the upper color of the two-tone paint. (Color-keyed engine cover insert and bed strips are no longer part of (VXM)).
* (VR4) Towing Package now includes (E80) Soft-Side Saddle Storage and a foam insert for hitch storage

New Regular Production Accessories

* (DT3) Cargo Organizer is available
* (E80) Soft-Side Saddle Storage bags (2) are available
* (BNK) Under Hood Blanket is available

:thumbs :thumbs
The new Pacific Blue color is just what this vehicle needs. It's bright and slightly metallic. The color is virtually the same as #22U ( Bright Blue Metallic) that was on the 1995 GMC Sonoma. Just like the one I owned. This color looks fantastic with the Richochet Silver on top as a tutone. It is also great looking with Slingshot Yellow as the upper color.
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I also thought that a chrome grill was going to be offered. Is that false? :confused

Also If the exterior and interior portions are going to be chrome does that mean the interior brushed chrome pieces will be metal? Will they be painted chrome? Does this include the shift bezel and knobs?

Does anyone know how the existing owners can get this done to their SSR's. It doesn't have to be through Chevy, just a great chromer and painter who could finish those details at a reasonable price.

Can anyone post a picture of what the new pacific blue color looks like, even if it is on another vehicle?

Can anyone tell me when Mark is going to give me my prize for correctly guessing the black and silver color scheme?

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr
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dingbat said:
does this answer your question????
You are such an optimist! :lol

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr

Marc NY said:
Hmmm so what kind of prize did you have in mind? :jester


How about one of the following:

1) Adding a spell check function to the site for all the members to use.
2) Three Sets of hood rods (just like on the 05's). One set would go to me and
the other two sets would go to other owners of 03 and 04 SSR's. These
owners could be chosen at random by putting their screen names in a hat and
drawing them.
3) Setting us a 10-20 percent discount card for the members of this site. The card
would be honored at Cheverolet dealerships and on the online store for
4) Getting Chervolet to produce an Orange SSR for 07.

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr
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That's Great!

blackbird said:
There was ONE orange metallic SSR made. It was specially built for the CEO of ASC.
That's great! Do you have any pictures? Where do they keep it parked?
Is is guarded? :reddevil

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr
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