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Is the 2005 model getting a ls2 6.0, 6speed and new color . My local dealer said no, but he also had ( 2) 2004 ssr's he was trying to sell me . i also would like to know if 2005 will have the same msrp , production numbers for 2004, 2005 and when we will see the 2005 model in the show rooms

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LS2 Powered SSR Coming to a GM Dealer Near You in 2005!

In a follow up to an earlier GMInsidenews article concerning the future of GM’s performance trucks, we are glad to report that the first piece is essentially confirmed.
We are referring to the first part of GM’s performance truck tri-fecta, a high performance SSR. Word is spreading around the internet that a dealer briefing took place this week in which GM shared the first official details of this new SSR. The basics are that the 2005 SSR will have an all aluminum 6.0 Liter LS2 V8, a new six speed manual, an upgraded 4L65E transmission, new bluish-purple hue changing paint color, upgraded rear end, and other detail bits. The new SSR is reported to be capable of low 5 second 0-60 sprints and sub 14 second quarter-mile passes. These upgrades had been planned from the beginning, as the SSR is Chevrolet’s halo truck.

Also to clarify things, this is the second version of the LS2 rumored by many sources. To be honest, in simplest terms the LS2 (both versions) is nothing more than an aluminum evolution of the LQ9 iron engine in the Silverado SS with Gen IV upgrades. This means that while the iron 6.0L will continue in the various truck apps, all performance versions will have the aluminum 6.0L block and be referred to as LS2 (a nice marketing ploy). LS2 Version 2.0 will likely be rated in the neighborhood of 380-390 HP with more tuning towards TQ. It is designed to be used in both car and truck applications and is can pretty much fit anywhere the 5.7L block can. This two pronged approach shadows GM's treatment of the LS1 when they had the 350 HP Corvette LS1, and the "slightly detuned" F-body LS1, only now they are sharing 6.0L with truck applications and further spreading development costs. The LS2 will next year be the top engine in the C6, so in my opinion, I would not expect the SSR or any other LS2 powered vehicle to carry a 400 HP "rating". Expect to see this new LS2 in the Trailblazer SS (the SSR is a Trailblazer, so this obvious), Silverado SS Shortbox, and........(sit down).....possibly the high performance GTO. Eventually the 5.3 Liter and 6.0 Liter Gen IV engines will replace the 5.7 Liter in all applicatiion"
This was posted by another member. It is about halfway down the general discussion page.
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