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I want to keep my SSR stock so anything purchase would have to be removable. Spent some $$ on stuff good and bad.

So far thing I cannot live without would be my front poly shield. Amazing how many rocks it kicked off.

Summary of stuff I've purchased:
Windscreen - works but looks like a fishing net, after market looks better.
SSR rubber mats - very narrow, don't know how useful yet.
Wet Okole seat covers - fits and fells great, but covers the back of head rest.
TNT poly front shield - works, can see the poly edge, very $$$. :thumbs
Rear license plate frame - Very nice, truck rear looks better. A little $. :thumbs
Tow hitch extension - haven't used it yet, but well built and fits great.
Hard rear storage case - takes too much room. But stores lots of stuff.
Net and Bar - Hard time using with storage. Keeps my gym stuff from rolling.
Just ordered color SSR lettering inserts for the Door, Back, grill.
Also ordered an engraved name plate to put my DOB and VIN
My next purchase will be othe OEM SSR waterfall emblems listed on the site.

After that I'm in the market for suggestions.

What do you have that I should take a look at? What are the good and bad points?


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tow hitch?

What are you speaking of on the "extension"? Are you speaking of the standard tow hitch that comes with the SSR? if so, I have used it to tow my trailer loaded with a 1/2 cord of firewood and other things, works great...

I would suggest the sill plates, tailgate sill emblems, hood insulator embroidery cover (I'll post pics later on this post), visor stickers, grill letters domed decals, '06 pedals, StabiliSSRs (both front and rear).

Could you post pics of the seat covers and post where you bought them?

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WindsuppreSSR - nicer looking than the OEM and works well
StabiliSSR - keeps that shimmy down in front
Softside Saddle Bags - not as bulky as the hard side, easily removed
Billit Logo - underhood from SSRCobra
Bra and Mirror covers - always forget to use them!:jester
Reflective flame tint on side windows - waiting for that "fix it ticket"
Billit SSR badge - flat for VIN and born on date
The SSR Experience ebook by Jim - couldn't do without it!

and ordering:
Ultra Violet cargo strips to replace wood strips
Chrome sill plates
Billit locking gas cap
Billit rear license plate frame - waiting for a front one, plate sits on dash now
OEM badge for waterfall area
'Pusher" fan kit from Mike in Az
Want to lower and add sway bars...
and, and, and...

WHOOPS! I think I just saw Tim running out the door with my check, where are those credit cards?:rolleyes:

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The guage pod is my fave. I dont look at it much but it adds to the interior. The rubber floor mats are nice but with the lack of a floor mat pegs in the SSr the mat dances forward all the time. The cargo bar and net are a waste of time for the $ the net alone will do fine. I like the Lingenfelter C/F engine cover lots. I like the bed carpet mat its really nice if you dont have the fancy lining. Love the bed strips makes a drab cave look liveable and retro. Love the rear plate louver/frame from the C5 corvette really dressed up that area. I like the "SSR/flame" CHMSL sticker even though the guy I got it from on e-bay is an A-hole. Like the Air Bag warning cover stickers too. The ever popular "domed decals" on sills and steering wheel look great as well.

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If you ever store your vehicle for any length of time, get a Battery Tender. Slick little plug in tool. Keeps battery charged while sitting. Another very nice acc. is the vehicle cover, soft, smooth, easy to install.

The one thing I miss on my SSR is a "Heads Up Unit"! I hoped GM would install on this vehicle. We have it on the Vette.

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Cross-bed organizer

gets my vote. I've had one for several months and now can't live without it. My laptop carrying case drops right into it and it also keeps groceries from rolling about. D-rings at each corner hold it and the bottom is reinforced with plastic runners like a rolling duffel. Can go in cross-ways or length-ways. The handles on each end are handy for pulling it out and carrying a s**t-load of stuff into the house. Cost about $135. and worth every penny.


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My favorite accessory is the blonde that sits beside me when Im cruising:thumbs
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