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Wheel offsets??

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We have a 2003 SSR and are in need of the wheel offset measurements. If someone could provide them that would really help us out.

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5 1/4 front 5 1/2 rear

wait thats the backspace not offset. thats what I got when I pulled them off and measured them myself, so its close but not factory specs. why do you need them? usually wheel companys know what the truck takes.
wheels are hard to decide on :flag
p.s. I'll look it up on the search, I think I know where to find them :thumbs


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+35 front +15 rear

according to another post.
I know my rims have a 2" dish in front and 4" in rear :flag
We went with a 5 3/4" backspace on the fronts and 6 1/8 on the rears. Most wheel manufacturers want to know the backspace rather than offset - easy to measure with a straight edge.

Thanks for the information. We are having some renderings done of our SSR and the artist asked for them. I really don't know why.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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