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Does anyone know if the wheels on the 04 and 05 are the same? I want to trade my 04 Satin Wheels for 05 Chome Wheels. Any one know what aftermarket chome would cost?
Thanks, Mason

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This is a copy of a quote from Capital Wheels for my 05. They have good quality wheels (I've gotten Vette and Lexus wheels) through their exchange program.

We offer chrome exchange (the same wheels chrome plated for the same wheels)
exchange the cost is $650 for the set including caps plus shipping and
handling $90 plus refundable core charge $900 set .
They are triple plated ,which means they have a copper then nickel then
chrome layer and come with a one year warranty against peeling and
blistering . We DO NO RECOMMEND driving on them in the SNOW or on SALTED
roads this will cause the chrome to pit in the slots and is NOT COVERED by
the warranty. We use the highest quality chrome available.

Please spin your exchange wheels before shipping them back for a refund on
your core deposit. A repair fee will be charged if the exchange wheels are
bent or slightly damaged .Used chrome wheels are not acceptable as exchange
core wheels.
once you send back the exchange silver wheels you will get your core deposit
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