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Hi guys -

Still around, mostly lurking. I'm still an SSR owner, still an SSR admirer from an aesthetic standpoint, but I am simply no longer an SSR Fanatic.

Here goes:
- After my initial set of minor issues were done away with, and then my Roof Nightmare (see old thread) and associated followup adjustments and re-fixes... The SSR finally went 7 whole days without an issue of any sort! Woot!

- Then last Sunday, boom, go to lower the top and the tonneau area produces a "whirrrrrrrrr-THUNK"/roof cycle timeout again. That's one of the legacy issues from having my top worked on the first time to fix the Nightmare issue. When it happens it's pretty persistent so it went back again to the shop, where they again fixed it - this time *correctly* (apparently the dealer who took it on Roof Nightmare day hadn't).

- But yesterday the Roof Ajar bell started going off (this had happened for about half a day amid the roof issues set, but went away) - well yesterday and again today it was simply constant. Back to the shop yet again and it was just the last straw, to me.

At this point I've lost count of trips and days. Even if they do fix it 100% I'm not feeling good about owning it like I did initially... So if GM doesn't offer to buy it back, I'm going ahead and selling it.

Don't worry, I wouldn't sell you guys a true lemon, because if they can't FIX it I wouldn't dare, but if anybody wants it when it comes back with a clean bill o'health again, drop me a line. Thus far I have only had 1 or 2 issues "repeat" on me, so by the time you get it it'll be nearly a whole new truck! ;)

Meanwhile, at least they give me a loaner every time, even if it is a stupid Malibu, least I'm not walkin'.

And guess what - when it's warm out, I've got no problem with the bed cover going up - and at 2300 miles, no driveline tink! The picture of irony.

Keep it cool, guys


Dave, that's a bummer. :mad

Really sorry to hear about all your troubles and discontent. Perhaps you should complain to GM. They should offer to do a buy back or give you a new SSR - given all the issues you've had. Maybe yours is just a "bad apple".

Wish you all the best!


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Lemon law

Hi Dave
First I'm sorry your having problems with the SSR. Hope they GM can fix it .
I had a 93 Vet that had water leaks, my dealer had the car for months(more than one visit) over 168 man hours of dealer maintenance on the water problem(even had the Water Doctor).I proceeded with the LEMON LAW, you have to jump thru hoops but GM bought the car back ,paid any interest,and rentals I had occured. It took about 8 months (in New Jersey) . Check with your state laws. Here The dealer must have 3 trys at the repair before you can start proceedings. Good Luck
Semper Fi
My top has a problem with it rubbing one of the panels (Black mark on forward panel)dealer awaiting parts
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