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Whew Hoooooooo!!, picked up our SSR last Saturday!!

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Been lurking here several months now, thanks to all for the insights on all aspects of the SSR. This site was a HUGE help in us making our decision and deal!!

We got #11307 which has been sitting on the lot for months, Ultra Violet with 145 miles on the clock, 1 SB package and chrome factory rims (on the way). Definitely not as quick as our '02 Lighting but MUCH cooler :cool and a blast to drive.

Any other fanatics in south OC, Ca?
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Vicker said:
:mad Just got a call from my dealer, says he needs our new toy for TWO WEEKS cause there are no SSR original cores available to swap. Will have to take our wheels off and send 'em out to be chromed. Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh...

If it was me I'd wait untill this fall and have the wheels chromed. No one would ever know the difference! Besides they may have some cores by then. Just an idea. :thumbs

Scott 0168
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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