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Whew Hoooooooo!!, picked up our SSR last Saturday!!

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Been lurking here several months now, thanks to all for the insights on all aspects of the SSR. This site was a HUGE help in us making our decision and deal!!

We got #11307 which has been sitting on the lot for months, Ultra Violet with 145 miles on the clock, 1 SB package and chrome factory rims (on the way). Definitely not as quick as our '02 Lighting but MUCH cooler :cool and a blast to drive.

Any other fanatics in south OC, Ca?
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I agree with Scott0168, wait for chrome wheels to become available. This way you can check the wheel quality before accepting them and you won't be without your SSR. All chrome shops don't do quality work. Now that your aboard, where are you located?
Vicker said:
Jury's still out, dealer's workin' the angles (personal friend) so hopefully we're not up on jack stands in the garage for a while.

Located in Lake Forest Fred, near Mission Viejo and Irvine.

Is there a So Cal club set up yet? We had a lot of fun in a Corvette club in what seems like eons ago, had a '63 and a '75.
There seems to be a SSR club forming out of Tamecula, but it hasn't come together yet. Llogger will probably pull us into a club soon. See you in one of the local runs soon. Enjoy the toy. Fred
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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