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Which Programmer do you use? And Why?

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New guy here.

04 UV 1100 miles. Side saddle boxes, gauge package (not installed yet, I have three), running boards. Had it about three weeks, drive it mostly on weekends or afternoons after work.

I have a Hypertech programmer, but the items that are available to adjust are somewhat limited. Fortunately, my business partner can use it on his leased Silverado.

Even though I know that the thermostat in an engine controls the minimum temperature, and the max temp of the cooling system is regulated mostly by radiator cooling capacity, fan actuation/capacity and waterpump efficiency (I'm a heating engineer), I am interested in controlling more areas of the factory software.

So, What do you use? What does it cost? How do you like the results? Where did you get it?
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Al: Use the search button and type in "microprogrammer" and "tuning software". You will get more than you probably can stand to read. :)

Jim G
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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