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Who all was at Pleasanton this past weekend? What was the reaction you got from most people? I got alot of good comments on the truck. ALOT of lookers and questions. And when I ran the top up or down it seemed to have attracted a crowd. The car show was excellent and there were a TON of cars there. I think there were about 10 or 12 SSR's there. No silver or ultraviolet ones though. The local dealership where I got mine from has both colors there too. Met some nice guys there that own SSR's. And I just want to say hi to you guys that I met there. Glad we could all get together and hang out and show off our babies. Hope to see you all at the next show too.

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A Great time had by All! :cheers I counted 10 SSR's on Saturday and only 6 on Sunday with one being a Blurple SSR, I went though a little more than a tank of gas this weekend at the show with all the times I raised and lowered my top with my remote setup :D Can't wait until the next event!
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