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Who makes and sell the Chin Spoiler

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I'm looking for the Chin Spoiler on the 05 SSR pace truck.
What is the site to buy it from?
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chin spoiler

Piddler said:
I'm looking for the Chin Spoiler on the 05 SSR pace truck.
What is the site to buy it from?
Axiom is currently developing a chin spoiler similar to the one on the pace car. I don't believe the actual one on the pace car is available to the general public. At least that is what I've read on the forum. You can go to the search feature and type in ' chin spoiler ' or go to:
I have a spoiler in the making now, should get the proto-type back this week to send to the fiberglass guy. It'll take the place of the plastic "square" peice under the front that will be shaped nicely, and you can paint any color you want!

Rear spoiler

Does Axiom also make a rear spoiler? Or who does make them?
Rear Spoiler

Yes Axiom makes a great rear spoiler. Mofo
OK, got me one ordered from Axiom.
The wonderful lady there said I should have
it in 3 to 4 weeks.
God I hate to wait!
Patience is required of all great things of quality in life. They will take a good bit of time but are sure to do a perfect job on the fit and finish. I hate waiting too, but in this case, I will wait as long as it takes, be it 4 weeks or more, whatever. Their products are top notch. :thumbs
Did I miss on how much the chin spoilers are going to cost?
I think the price I saw on their website was $350.00, which I assume is for an unpainted version.

Two factors involve determine cost....

First is painted or unpainted version. Second is whether you are a previous customer and eligible for a discount.

P/P Peace :flag
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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