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My wife saw a yellow SSR driving around Gaithersburgh, Maryland on Friday on her way to Pitt. Was it one of you guys? She said the top was down and the guy seemed to be really enjoying himself.

OK . . . That was me a week ago Friday, on I-270 around lunch time. One of my first ventures out, other than back and forth to work on clear days!

This is one great SSR! I had one of the first PT Cruisers in San Diego in April 2000, and this turns more heads than that did! I cannot get in/out of a parking lot or gas station without someone giving me the thumbs up or other endorsement!

I have not gotten over to Laurel - so far pretty much in the Germantown/Gaithersburg area.

Heading to Ocean City on Friday afternoon/evening, April 16, and returning Sunday, April 18. Anyone else in the area then. . . Let's Cruise!!!
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